I’ll Eat Like This Until I’ve Lost Weight…

…then I can go back to eating “normal”

“If you have ever uttered the words “I’ll eat like this until I’ve lost weight, then I can go back to eating normal”, this podcast is for you. Many people approach their weight loss journey this way. I asked Professor Tim Noakes his opinion on this thinking when someone approaches a so called ‘diet’.”

Prof. Tim Noakes → “My opinion is that if you are carbohydrate intolerant, you will always be fat as long as you are eating more carbohydrates than your body can metabolise. That is the point. The key to this diet is that your hunger is regulated, it reduces your calorie intake and it makes you eat just enough carbohydrate that you can metabolise.


If you’ve lost weight you need a new reality.

What then happens is you’ve lost weight and you get to your perfect weight. If you try and reintroduce carbohydrates your body, even though it’s 10, 20, 30, 40 kilograms lighter your body is not different to when it was 80 kilograms heavier. It is still as insulin resistant or carbohydrate intolerant as it always was. Therefore nothing has changed, except externally you look much leaner. Metabolically you are exactly the same. Logically, if you reintroduce the wrong foods you’ll just go back to being 20, 30, 40, 80 kilograms heavier.”

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13 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (Even After Cutting Carbs)

Via Mind Body Green & Simply Total Health

“If you want to lose weight and get healthy, low-carb is the way to go. After more than two decades as a weight-loss transformation expert, I can tell you that there’s no more effective way to take off pounds. Yet, embarking on a low-carb journey can be tough, especially when you don’t see that extra weight coming off right away. I often receive emails from patients who say, “I feel good, but I’m not losing any weight! What’s up with that?”


If you’re experiencing the same frustration, know this: When your body gets totally healthy and you ditch the sugary high-carb foods that cause blood sugar swings, inflammation and gut damage, you will eventually begin to lose weight naturally. You just need to give your body time to flip its fat-burning switch to “on” so you become a natural fat burner. The magic will happen!

In the meantime, if you’ve been eating low-carb for a while and feel you still haven’t “taken off,” here are some troubleshooting tips. The first tips focus on what you’re eating, and the last few are all about your lifestyle.”

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